Type 4 – Symbol



Caring for Fours

“For a Four to be like anyone is a disgrace! Fours want to be one of a kind—that’s what makes them feel special. Their type is the most complex of the nine because they have the deepest feelings and are the most private, which is why they can be so creative. The innovation of a Four may be expressed through music, art, drama, writing, fashion, cars, technology, or another way” (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 112).

Key Traits







Personality Dynamics

These three factors may contribute to someone becoming a Four:

  1. Family formation role: Victim or Special
  2. Root sin: Envying others who are more unique, creative, or special
  3. Defense mechanism: Regurgitating “woe is me” emotions, including through art


The Four personality is expressed and related to largely through emotions like these:

Felt need: Feel special

Heart type: Looking to other people for feeling connected

Core emotion: Shame from feeling like a misfit

Stress emotion: Shame that pressures them to help others

Underlying sadness: Grief that’s hidden in melancholy moods

Emotional alarm: Stirring up emotions to feel alive

How Fours Become Like Jesus

“Yeshua is the Four maestro. Appreciating Jesus’ emotional health guides Fours, and all of us, to release feelings of distress and shame and be strengthened to bring beauty and love into the world” (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 129).

Key Scripture

Quote - Type 4

“Those who look to [the Lord] are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame” (Psalm 34:5).

Christlike Virtue to Cultivate

Emotional balance

Key Soul Care Practice


Subsidiary Types

Wing Type(s): Three and/or Five

Stress Type: Two

Growth Type: One

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