Type 9 – Symbol



Caring for Nines

“While Nines can be slow to get started, once they do they get on a roll and are very industrious and competent. . . Healthy Peacemaker types tune into people’s needs, listen with empathy, smooth out tensions in relationships, bring deep insight, see the good in everyone, work hard, champion the needs of others, minister God’s love and peace, and unite people to a common good” (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 46).

Key Traits




Slow to start

Go with flow



Personality Dynamics

These three factors may contribute to someone becoming a Nine:

  1. Family formation role: Lost Child or Peacemaker
  2. Root sin: Lethargy to avoid difficult things
  3. Defense mechanism: Emotional numbing to zone out


The Nine personality is expressed and related to largely through emotions like these:

Felt need: Act for harmony to get energy

Gut/body type: Seeking to feel in control

Core emotion: Anger that’s internalized and hidden

Stress emotion: Anxiety about conflict, problems, or the expectations of others

Underlying sadness: Not feeling seen and appreciated

Emotional alarm: Accommodating others to feel connected

How Nines Become Like Jesus

“The Prince of Peace (Isa. 9:6) is the perfect Nine we all need. . . Jesus teaches us how to be alert and activated in God’s presence” (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 52).

Key Scripture

Quote - Type 9

“Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune [and] in step with each other” (Col. 3:15 MSG). 

Christlike Virtue to Cultivate

Self-activation (inspired by the Holy Spirit)

Key Soul Care Practice

Receiving spiritual direction

Subsidiary Types

Wing Type(s): Eight and/or One

Stress Type: Six

Growth Type: Three

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