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Caring for Ones

Everything can be improved is the motto of Ones. Whatever they do, they want to redo it to make it better—even if it’s good and other people say so. It seems they can’t help but see and fix what’s wrong, unloving, unhealthy, unwise, messy, or out of place. They keep thinking or saying, ‘It would be better if . . .' or ‘That’s not right, it should be done this way . . .’”  (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p.58)

Key Traits





Teaching others


Personality Dynamics

These three factors may contribute to someone becoming a One:

  1. Family formation role: Parentified Child
  2. Root sin: Resentment from over-functioning while others under-function
  3. Defense mechanism: Saying or doing what’s ideal when you feel the opposite


The One personality is expressed and related to largely through emotions like these:

Felt need: Act to do what’s right 

Gut/body type: Seeking to feel in control

Core emotion: Anger that’s repressed

Stress emotion: Shame about not doing better

Underlying sadness: Not enjoying blessings 

Emotional alarm: Personal obligation to fix a mess or overwork

How Ones Become Like Jesus

“By appreciating Jesus’ grace and compassion, Ones can be softened to be less critical and less ruled by a sense of personal obligation . . . [They grow in] unhurried serenity and joy as they serve the Lord” (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 65).

Key Scripture

Quote - Type 1

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9).

Christlike Virtue to Cultivate


Key Soul Care Practice

Abandoning outcomes to God

Subsidiary Types

Wing Type(s): Nine and/or Two 

Stress Type: Four

Growth Type: Seven

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