Type 2 – Symbol



Caring for Twos

“Twos feel connected to people and valued when they’re needed by others and offering compassionate help for them. Theyre so proficient at attending to what their loved ones want that its like they get them to hang on an invisible leash'" (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 97).

Key Traits




Pleasing others


Give to receive

Personality Dynamics

These three factors may contribute to someone becoming a Two:

  1. Family formation role: Enabler or Rescuer
  2. Root sin: Pride of relying on self
  3. Defense mechanism: Repressing own needs to care for others’ needs


The Two personality is expressed and related to largely through emotions like these:

Felt need: Feel wanted

Heart type: Looking to other people for feeling connected

Core emotion: Shame from being dismissed or not respected

Stress emotion:  Anger when their help or care is not appreciated

Underlying sadness: Losing self by caring for others

Emotional alarm: Pleasing people to the neglect of personal needs

How Twos Become Like Jesus

“Jesus of Nazareth’s life gives great honor to Twos. . . At the same time, Jesus shows . . . [us who are] helpers how to care for our own souls so that our joyful lovingkindness does not falter (Luke 5:16; 6:1; 8:2-3)”  (Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith, p. 104 ).

Key Scripture

Quote - Type 2

“Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 8:39 NLT).

Christlike Virtue to Cultivate


Key Soul Care Practice


Subsidiary Types

Wing Type(s): One and/or Three

Stress Type: Eight

Growth Type: Four

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