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Your Results:

Your Results

Many people have trouble finding or understanding their Enneagram type, which can cause them to get stuck in unhealthy emotional and spiritual patterns. The Enneagram & Emotions Assessment by Bill and Kristi Gaultiere helps you understand your personality through your type’s experience of anger, shame, anxiety, and sadness and points you to a path of experiencing greater freedom, joy, peace, and love.

Identifying Your Type:

Your type (number) may not be the one you have the highest score on and you may have scored relatively high on a few different types. It’s important to take time to decide which of the nine types is best describes you so you can be guided by learning the map and features for your type.

These steps will help identify your best-fitting type:


1.Read about the 3 or 4 types you scored highest on to see which fits you best (click on the circle numbers at the bottom of the page).

2. Probably you have a relatively high score on your number and one or both numbers next to you.

3. Read about the core emotion or hurt for your type.

4. Read about the stress type (and its emotion) for your type to see if you relate to being somewhat that way when you’re stressed and unhealthy.

5. Read about the growth type for your type to see if you relate to being somewhat that way when you’re relaxed and healthy.

6. Take the Next Step in Your Journey:

In Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith: Growing Emotionally and Spiritually Through the Enneagram, Drs Bill and Kristi Gaultiere guide you in how to go from knowing your personality type to growing in wholeness, empathy, and faith.

You’ll love these special features:

  • Read stories of people like you
  • Grow in empathy for the emotions that you and others have
  • Listen to your emotional alarm to wake up and enjoy God’s love
  • See and savor Jesus as the perfection of your type to become like him
  • Engage the soul care practice that your type most needs

Healthy Feelings, Thriving Faith is available wherever books are sold!

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